Capo by the Sea has an executive drug rehab program effectively designed to be discreet, professional and efficient for high-level individuals leading demanding, high-stress lives. Drug addiction is a serious problem faced by individuals of all different levels of the social strata, whether it means street or prescription drugs. While it’s unfortunate that there can be a stigma attached to an ailment that is a brain disease, here at Capo by the Sea we offer treatment programs in an understanding and peaceful environment where executives can come back to center, and recover.

It can sometimes be difficult for exceptional individuals to accept that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, and even admitting to it is a major first step. Beyond that, actually choosing a center when there are so many to choose from is another hurdle to overcome. The difference with Capo’s program is that it is designed with┬áthe executive in mind, and offers an individualized approach that more generalized rehabs can’t.

Treatment begins with a medically assisted detox, and all takes place in a beautiful beach house in sun-drenched San Juan Capistrano. Our program includes a series of group and one-on-one therapy sessions, dialectical behavioral therapy, and local AA meetings. By the end of treatment, you’ll walk a way with a new set of recovery tools to face your daily challenges.

When residents aren’t in active treatment, they can also take advantage of the many recreational opportunities Orange County has to offer. There’s time to go golfing, fishing, or simply walking on the beach. Finally, we also have a boat in Dana Point harbor where residents can go with staff to get away from it all.

While the decision to enter treatment and break from the business of life is a hard one, those willing to a take the leap will find the healing they’ve been looking for.