Xanax is a prescription medication often used to treat anxiety disorders and depression. Because the drug relieves stress and anxiety, it can be a commonly abused substance for executives leading high stress lives. Recognizing the problem is a big step; what comes next is choosing the right rehab facility, which can be a difficult choice when there are so many options. Still, not all rehab centers are created equal—many centers treat addiction with a standardized approach for all patients, or can only deal with surface issues. Fortunately, at Capo by the Sea we offer an executive Xanax treatment program with dual-diagnosis support to attack the core of our residents’ struggles with addiction.

Because psychoactive medications can wreak havoc on the brain when abused, it’s important to have a safe environment to detox from these drugs, and it shouldn’t be done alone. Here at Capo, our treatment begins with a medically assisted and supervised detox to make sure our clients are safe and comfortable during this difficult process. After that, residents experience a personalized program, customized specifically for executives that includes one-on-one and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and local AA meetings.

Aside from treatment, our residents will also be granted access to all the finest things Orange County has to offer. Because our focus is healing residents in mind, body and spirit, we recommend that our guests go fishing, golfing, swimming, or even whale-watching down in Dana Point Harbor to help them relax. Our center is in beautiful San Juan Capistrano not far from Doheny State Beach, and offers a sunny and sandy oasis from the chaos of daily life. In order to heal from the disease of addiction, executives need to break from their hectic work life and take the time to focus on themselves. Here at Capo by the Sea, we offer all the tools and methods to do just that.