Many people are resistant to “traditional” drug and alcohol treatment.   We understand that people are different and we all come from different backgrounds. With this in mind we take your philosophies and ethics into consideration when helping you on the path to recovery. Executive men and women have found Executive Recovery to be the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

We focus on compassion and an individualized drug and alcohol treatment that is very successful with the following types of clients:

  • Clients needing a very discreet treatment program.
  • Clients that have relapsed several times after being to multiple rehabs.
  • Those that need to be monitored very closely and need very individualized treatment.
  • Those that have never been to treatment and are new to recovery and its philosophies.

We  go the extra mile to design a drug and alcohol recovery programs that address your values and your beliefs.  Because of our “we serve you” philosophy patients find their ability to engage and participate in treatment vastly increased. This very open ended individual specific approach has proven to be a great deterrence to chemical and behavioral relapse.

When being admitted to our program clients will first meet with the drug and alcohol addiction MD to address their current needs and formulate a drug and alcohol treatment plan. Your health will be evaluated and taken into consideration. We understand that recovering alcoholics and addicts could have underlying health and psychological problems that have caused them to drink or become chemically dependent on drugs.

During the clients stay at Executive Recovery they’re assigned a one-on-one drug and alcohol addiction counselor to help them through the process of learning to live sober.  With an emphasis on sobriety and life coping skills for interpersonal and business relationships, is fostered into our structured environment. Clients will meet with their drug and alcohol addiction counselors on a regular basis. Our counselors are trained to be with you from the very first day you come in until the last moment when you leave.  During this time they are your personal guide to recovery.  The counselors are there to help you recover from drugs and I’ll call and make your stay successful and as pleasant as possible.

The weekdays are structured around alcoholism and drug addiction education in a relaxing, comfortable environment. After the drug and alcohol addiction classes the client is free to just hang out relax or enjoy the many amenities available at this world-class facility.   Some of the activities you can participate in our sport fishing, jet skis, selling, tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, working out, baseball and much more. We understand you cannot think about alcohol or drug addiction 24 hours of the day or we would never make it. These activities are put in place to give you some free time and experience in joining and living life in simpler terms. Please call one of our drug and alcohol addictions specialist counselors as soon as you have 10 minutes. It will be the most important call you ever make.

During the client’s stay at Executive Recovery, they are assigned a drug & alcohol addiction counselor to suggest positive behavior modification to learn how to live life without drugs & alcohol. An emphasis on sobriety and life coping skills for interpersonal and business relationships is fostered in our structured environment. By meeting on a regular basis, the counselor is the client’s personal guide during their stay, making recovery from drugs and alcohol as successful and pleasant as possible.

The weekdays are heavily immersed in alcoholism and drug addiction education in a comfortable, relaxing environment. After scheduled drug and alcohol addiction education the client is free to enjoy the many amenities available close by such as sport fishing, sailing, jet skis, golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, workout club & spa, and much more.